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 Standard Poodle, Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle,  Sheepadoodle

We are a very small-hobby-family-oriented breeding program and may offer only one to two litters per year or every other year as it fits into our personal lives and plans

Past Red Standard Poodle Puppy

This is a  past Crimson & Red Sky Hawk II Puppy

Solid Red Female  

She lives with her new family in Tennessee

All puppies featured on our pages are examples of the puppies born right here on our farm! 

Bred for health, intelligence, temperament, affordability, and beauty

This enables us to interact with and know all of our breeding dogs as they are our beloved pets as well 

Our driveway is a long and winding gravel road that leads to a historic rustic log cabin house we call home

We are located well off the busy roadways nestled among woods and open fields,  surrounded by rolling hills and mountain farmland. 

Here our dogs and puppies can enjoy ample room to run, play, and exercise as they await their new families and homes.

We offer AKC Poodle, CKC Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle,  Sheepadoodle in Standard and Mini Sizes on a seasonal rotation!  And offer one or two litters a year to deposit waiting lists.  We have only a few female and a few male for our family pets and breeding.   

As a result of a personal preference and various environmental and economic factors that have impacted us and others around the globe, we have repositioned our breeding program.  We are currently offering puppies on a first come first served deposit-waiting-list to help ensure our puppies  have homes to go to when they are born and are at the appropriate age for going home at eights weeks old. 

We choose the breeds and dogs we love and that we believe are most compatible in areas of health, temperament, and beauty.

This is to ensure we are raising the best and the healthiest puppy possible for families to love and to enjoy for many years to come.

 We offer a one year contract guarantee for the puppies we raise and sell that provides a simple straight forward approach to what we believe supports an honest commitment to each other and to the puppy.   We provide an appropriate puppy registration form of either AKC or CKC, a Veterinarian health check, age appropriate shots and worming, health record,  a first collar, and a sample of the puppies current puppy chow in their going home puppy pack.  These items are provided for our customer’s convenience and ease in transitioning their new puppy to their new home.  Our standard and mini size poodle puppies come with a show cut tail dock, and dew claws removed.  Dew claws are removed to prevent possible injuries to the puppy and to prevent possible injury to their new owners.  Especially small children.

 We will be accepting deposits  sometime in 2023 -2024 in accordance with the breed we offer.  And will announce the deposit waiting list at that time.  We feel this will help families to plan for their new puppy well in advance.  We plan to offer selective stud services later in 2023-2024.    And will post our stud dogs at that time.

All of the puppies below have found homes.  They are examples of some of the puppies we raise and sell.

Red Standard Poodle


                            Chocolate and White Goldendoodle        

                                          Tri-Colored Bernedoodle                                


Tri-Color Sheepadoodle 


Call us!  (606) 784-9080  We are located right off Interstate 64, at exit 137 in Morehead Kentucky.  Morehead Kentucky is home to the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest, Morehead State University, and beautiful Cave Run Lake.   Email us at