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Up Date  08-11-2023
Some Of Our Past Older Dogs And Their New Owners
John Wayne AKC Standard Poodle.. New Name “Romeo” 
Now Lives In Kentucky With Abrielle
 F1 Bernedoodle New Name “BOSCO” Now Lives In California with Rosemary

Hi June,

It’s so nice of you to continue to keep in touch! I am always eager to talk

about my Bosco. I love him so much.

June, if I had know what my life was going to be like two years ago I could not

have chosen a better dog!  I really need a dog as a companion that is without behavior or health problems, and Bosco is that dog.

I haven’t had the opportunity to take him to classes as I have with my

previous dogs, and which I so much enjoy, but I have taught him myself and

he has not needed more intensive training. We are still working on “stay”

when I am out of sight, but that is a difficult task. He will walk by my

side, come when called, take the newspaper in and retrieve a ball. He loves

the creeks and the beach, but isn’t crazy about the ocean, and that’s fine with me.

He goes almost everywhere with me and loves being in the car. I have window

screens and battery -operated fans, so he is always safe. 

Your new website is gorgeous! The pups are adorable. I will continue to

recommend you as a breeder. I rarely go out with Bosco in public that

someone doesn’t mention how good looking he is, and that gives me an

opportunity to praise the breed mix and breeder.

You too, have a merry and blessed Christmas!


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