Bernedoodle Puppies  

“Puppies and children just seem to go together.”

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Diamond weighs 15 lbs  14 Inches at the withers

DIAMOND Is An AKC Miniature Merle Phantom Poodle.  

Diamond is a loving dog with a great outgoing and friendly personality!

Tests Negative for the dilution gene!

Diamond carries F/F furnishings, C/C curly coat, l/l long hair for his coat tests

Diamond tests Clear for prcd-PRA (Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration), 

Clear for vWD1 (Von Wilebrand’s Type 1 Mutation), 

Clear for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), 

Clear for NEws (Neonatal Encephalopathy)

Diamond is a hired in stud and does not belong to us. 

We are appreciative to Diamond’s family for allowing us Diamond’s stud service for this very special litter of Bernedoodle!

This is our little helper, Chaz with a previous Mini tri-color Bernedoodle puppy.  He loves all the puppies and they love him.

Chaz is my little helper.  He just loves the puppies and they love him.               

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