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We love our poodles and doodles.  We trust you will too. 

We raise AKC Standard Poodle, CKC Goldendoodle, Sheepadoodle, and Bernedoodle Puppies For Families Like Yours!  Blessings! 

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Hi.  I would like to tell you a little bit about us and our breeding program.  

We have a small conscientious family-run breeding program.  We raise unique high quality puppies from high quality health proven parents.  We love our dogs and have come to realize that some of the best pleasures in life comes from owning more than one breed of dog.  We love and raise poodles and doodles and thoroughly love and enjoy the variety of colors and characteristics associated with each unique breed.  We realize the importance of raising good dogs that possess great personality, health, temperament and beauty. We choose our breeding dogs wisely so that we may offer families beautiful well rounded healthy puppies that you will be proud to call your new family member!  We would love to meet you and hope that we may be of service to you and your family in choosing your next pet or family member.   

Meet Chaz!  He is a Blessing and the newest member of our family.  He will be assisting in his own way to our family’s poodle and doodle breeding program!  Chaz enjoys his Paw Paw’s tender loving instruction with puppies after their bath!  One of his favorite things is to see the puppies bathed and waiting for their photographs.  We believe that children and puppies just go together.  Nothing seems to warm the heart more than to see children with happy expressions interacting with and enjoying puppies.  It truly is a beautiful thing and can be some of the most precious and important moments in our lives.   It can be a great learning experience for both children and puppies!  Puppies need to learn trust and respect just as children do.  We teach our children and our puppies to be careful and easy going with one another.       Both seem happy to accept one another in those conditions.  Everyone is happy then.   Here are a few random snapshots of the puppies ready for their pictures to be taken!  

We believe that children and puppies just go together.  Nothing like a cool wet nose and warm puppy snuggles to tickle a child pink! 

Chaz has a calming effect on our puppies during bath and photo times as well!




 Our Red AKC Standard Poodles

   Pictured to the left is Red Sky Hawk.  We are a producer of the true red Standard Poodle.   Our red standard poodle originate out of bloodlines from the old Majestic, Palmares, and Shangri-la red standard poodle.  To get true red poodle they must come out of these names in their long pedigrees, and have been bred appropriately.  Otherwise the red color you see in your new red puppy will most likely fade away.  It is also a fact that all reds will lighten as they get older.  Some will lighten to a nice light red, a medium red, or a fabulous dark red.  Very few will remain really really dark red.  However much a true red lightens it will still remain a red.  


We have gradually changed our breeding program over the years.  We have grown in several ways.  One of the best ways we have grown in our program is learning to accept and appreciate diversity.  We have found a great deal of pleasure in owning, loving, and breeding more than one breed of dog.  There is so much to love about Poodle, Sheepadoodle, Goldendoodle, and Bernedoodle.  They are all wonderful and fun dogs with mannerisms special to each one.  Our poodles and doodles are all loving by nature and intelligent in their own ways.  It is gratifying to know each breed as we do.  If you listen closely you may find that you can learn a lot from your dogs.   It is somehow the way God meant it to be when He created man’s best friend.  And gave us paw prints that walk ever so gentle into our lives and remain forever in our hearts.  It is our hope that we can provide you with your next puppy and that you will find as much love and companionship with your puppy as we do ours.

We love our poodles and doodles.  We trust you will too.

Merry Christmas!   A Past Sheepadoodle Puppy Enjoying  Her New Home & Family 

A past Sheepadoodle Puppy

A Past Goldendoodle Puppy

A past Goldendoodle

A Past Bernedoodle Puppy Loving His New Friend & Family

A Past Bernedoodle Puppy

About Standard Poodle Puppies:  Standard Poodles old and young are smart and can make fantastic pets and loyal family members!  Standard Poodle Puppies are a very unique breed that are known for their high intelligence, ease of training,  and loyalty to their families.  In the past they have been popular in circus events because they are very trainable and beautiful in the ring or spotlight!  As standard poodle puppies grow and mature it is as if they can understand almost everything you say to them!  Because standard poodle puppies catch on fast; many of our new puppy owners proudly tell us that they have found their standard poodle puppy to be easy to train and handle.  That makes us feel good too because we know they are loving spending quality time with their new puppy.  Under a good consistent training schedule your puppy will love impressing you with all the things he or she can learn from you! Like ringing a bell to go outdoors or fetching his leash to you for a walk.  Some of our new puppy owners tell us they have even taught their puppies to give the high five!  Part of the joy of owning and loving your puppy is the proud moments when your puppy learns something you have trained her or him to do all by yourself.  Depending on the training; it can get expensive.  You can hire others to do basic training for you, but you may find that It isn’t that hard to do yourself.  And your adoring puppy will love you for it.  Your puppy or older dog is a commitment.  Including any training you want her or him to learn.  Training your new standard poodle puppy can be lots of good wholesome one on one fun for the whole family!  There are many free training videos available to you on line today.  Puppies will most likely have short attention spans but your poodle puppy may begin learning around 7 to 8 weeks old.  If you are not sure how to go about it but want more advanced training you can talk to your veterinarian.  He or she may be able to give you more information about trainers in your area.   You may also check your yellow pages to find one that is right for you. 


    Please call us at (606) 784-9080  Email us at  savageadams08@gmail.com